R3 : Angus Manwaring orbital City Angus Manwaring Orbiter

Angus Manwaring Orbital City


Angus Manwaring - Eta Cassiopeia (0,2)

The Angus Manwaring Orbital City serves as a fully functioning base with starport facilities. Supporting mainly Feynman but is used by the entire system, especially traders. Those not wishing to venture down to Naunton Estates or Tarbit's Landing can quite easily carry out any business dealings here. Everything you would expect to find in any city can be found somewhere on the Angus Manwaring. Docking charges are not expensive and you get the benefit of knowing you are parked in a private enclosed area which is totally secure from any external interference.

Customs are very tight on the Angus Manwaring. You'll be lucky to get away with anything more than a tonne and if you get caught with a fair amount you'll be doing a stretch in a Cassiopeian jail.

Police are not scarce here either. The best trained pilots the Police Department can produce are based here in the 'Aplha-Tango' squadron. The second largest office of the Police Dept is based here too, lead by Lt Pete Debrowski. If anything kicks off, inside or outside the station, these boys are ready and able to handle it!

One thing to watch out for when approaching the Angus Manwaring are the numerous cargo freighters and passenger vessels parked around the orbiter. There is a heavy corporate presence everywhere in the Eta Cassiopeia system and much of the docking co-ordinaters time is used to direct and control commercial craft. Accidents have been known to happen and we advise very strongly that you take heed of this advice on your approach to the orbiter.

We look forward to seeing every visitor on the Angus Manwaring orbital city. All are welcome, at any time and on any day.


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