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the planet Feyman


Feynman - Eta Cassiopeia (0,2)

This planet bears testament to the height of success that terraforming can reach. Feynman is where over 75% of all food produce is processed in the Eta Cassiopeia system as the habitable land is very fertile and rich in mineral content. Ideal conditions for growing crops and grazing livestock.

Feynman is also a world of contrasts. Vast glaciers cover almost a quarter of the planet surface and there are many rocky and mountainous regions where botanic life is scarce. Most of the population live on and around the equator. Animals from all over the Federation have been introduced to Feynman over the last couple of centuries and there is an abundance of both wild and domestic lifeforms. All kinds of crop are also grown here, as well as fruit and vegetables, in unmeasurable quantities.

Below is a description of Feynmans two major cities and starports. This will give you some indication of where you need to look if you are searching for something specific to your requirements.



Naunton Estates is the capital of Feynman and is home to almost 32% of the planets total population. The Cassiopeian Opera House is situated here and is a very popular attraction for visitors. Most people who live here are involved in some form of farming and the landscape is littered with fields of grain, livestock and orchards, incorporating every kind of natural food-source you could imagine.

The Northern Provinces are favoured greatly by locals and visitors alike. Here grows the fruit which is used to make the Federations famous "Grapeta" wine, which is produced only in this region of Eta Cassiopeia and nowhere else in the universe! The Heabran grape, indigenous to the planet Trojan, was introduced to Feynman over two centuries ago and now accounts for 17% of all wine and liquor exports. This figure is very surprising as the Grapeta is not cheap but it also shows that Cassiopeian quality is well worth the cost to the connoisseur. Most of the corn and wheat grain and rice is produced here and the little known fact about Naunton estates is that it has the seventh largest, privately owned, sugar cane farm in the Federation... covering over 12,000 acres!

The Grand Opera usually performs at the Theatredome here in Naunton Estates on a monthly basis. If this is more your kind of entertainment then book early because every performance is a sell-out and has been for the past three years! Manfred Einker is a well known Cassiopeian opera producer, as well as the most popular in recent times.

Life on Feynman is just that little bit more laid back than Trojan and Naunton Estates is a good example of tranquillity. Although every city has it's good and poor areas you'll be hard pressed to find any area around Naunton Estates that might be undesirable. With a heavy agricultural based industry there is not so much the need for large concrete skyscrapers or manufacturing plants which gives way to more rural areas and countryside. Many who have been here have likened it to 'New Hampshire on a summers day'. If these kind of surroundings appeal to you then jump in a ship and pay Naunton Estates a visit.




Tarbits Landing is the historical place where Captain Jim E Tarbit first set foot on Feynman. The city itself is situated 8 miles from the southern coast of the western continent, built on the banks of the river Sohmes, the longest river on the planet. Tarbit's Landing has excellent facilities for visitors and tourists, although not catering for quite the same class of holiday-maker as Sunnyville, on Trojan. This is more the kind of place that the trekers and adventurers among you will find highly enjoyable.

Tarbit's Landing is also famous for its Malkon "Hippyville" Province, an area of about 16 square kilometers where the qual;ity of life is in the equality of life. Here, within the undulating hills and valleys are the largest majority of vegetable producers on the planet. This area is very suited to fellwalkers and trekers and the Jonkara Cliffs, to the east of Tarbit's Landing, are a rock-climbers fantasy come true! There are more gorges, crevasses, scars and rifts than anywhere else in the system, with a breathable atmosphere of course. A spectacular experience is the "Gawping Jill" pot-hole, named because the surrounding rocks form the image of a bemused womans face on the landscape, which locals tell you is the face of the planet watching over them. "Gawping Jill" attracts over 100,000 visitors per year - cyclone weather clothing is required if you intend to visit.

Apart from growing food and rambling Tarbit's Landing is also where most of the systems scrapyards are based. If you are in need of a cheap second-hand spare part then this is where you need to be. Ashcroft & Beacham are the largest scrappers but may charge you that little bit extra... Barnheims is a popular choice and has a very good selection of ship spares at increadibly fair prices... but stay away from McLadd Bros who are notorious rip-off merchants dealing in sub-standard quality parts! There are many others, too numerous to mention, so you'll just have to shop around as per usual to find the bargain or part you require.

Traders are always welcome on Feynman. Because of the nature of the planets produce there are special facilities here to accommodate large capacity/bulk buyers. If you are the sort of merchant that only buys in quantities of 100 tons or more then Tarbit's Landing will be best suited to meet your requirements. More than 30 cargo bulk-carriers per day, in general, pass through the starport and that figure has been on the increase in the past two months.

Crime is higher here than anywhere else in the system and some blame it on the 'hippy factor' but this is just hearsay and nothing has ever been proven otherwise. Police are more likely to stop you in the street here and ask you what your business is but apart from that, there are no obvious indications of a heightened Police presence.

Tarbit's Landing can be quite unforgiving to the first time visitor. It is recommended that you travel with a companion or in a group at all times whilst in and around the city.


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