Federal Intelligence Bureau Federal Intelligence Bureau


What is the F.I.B?

The Federal Intelligence Bureau is an organisation which collects and stores information pertaining to the security and welfare of the Federation. This information can then be retrieved for further analysis or brought to the attention of others. The Bureau serves both the Government and the Navy and is often required to assist some of the larger corporations, from time to time. We also work alongside the Police Department quite closely, helping them to solve crimes and locate suspects/fugitives who may be on the run and help in anyway we can to drive out all criminal acts and lawlessness. This in itself is disruptive to our way of life in the Federation.

Eta Cassiopeia is one of the few Federal systems where the F.I.B. makes its presence known. There is a Bureau office here which can be found in between the Stockmarket and the Federal Council Chambers in New Kyoto. This building is not open to visitors but if you have something you think we should know then get in touch with us without delay. There is another F.I.B.. Facility in the system but that is at a classified location and is inaccessible to the public.

The security of the Federation is our prime concern and, without going into too much detail, we have agents stationed at key points around the universe working to make sure our borders are safe from external (and internal) threats. Some people think it is their right to seek out and eliminate our agents who are working to protect us outside of the Federation's borders - these are our sworn enemies who wish to put an end to our freedom and this is why we exist!

We have been accused, from time to time, of giving out false or misleading information to the public. Our efforts are for the common good of all Federal citizens, no matter what it may look like at at the time.

The Federal Intelligence Bureau is not connected to the I.N.R.A. and never will be. Nor do we have people working for the I.N.R.A. or their people working for us. We are an entirely separate organisation and our paths do not cross, not in a professional sense anyway.



  Security : ACTIVE!

Federal Intelligence Database

The database archive contains information, some of which is classified and therefore must only be read by personnel with the correct security clearance.

If you are found trying to access areas of the database without proper authorisation you will be eliminated without question. No trial, no arrest and you don't even get to hear your rights. You have been warned!