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Morgue's Mortuary Orbital City


Morgue's Mortuary - Eta Cassiopeia (0,2)

Morgue's Mortuary Orbital City serves as a fully functioning city with starport facilities. Everything you would expect to find in any city can be found somewhere on Morgue's Mortuary. Docking charges are not expensive and you get the benefit of knowing you are parked in a private enclosed area which is totally secure from any external interference.

Morgues's Mortuary is the off-world gambling center of the Eta Cassiopeia system. It is also said that here lies the crime center of the system, but these are just callous rumours. As if criminals would get away with their activities under the very nose, so to speak, of the Federal Military down on Navy Central, the planet which Morgue's Mortuary orbits! Having said that, the police are very slack here and if you do have any illegal items in your cargo hold you are most likely to get away with quite an amount, or at least a few hundred credits in 'donations' to the police charity of your choice, should they be discovered.

The flight paths in and out of Morgue's Mortuary are very strict. Should your ship venture off course for very long whilst heading towards Navy Central you will most likely be faced with several Hawks and/or Kestrels opening fire on you! SO BE CAREFUL and try to remain within the designated flight paths at all times, if nothing else but for your own safety!

Traders deal a hard bargain here and if it is trade you are dealing in then you'd be better suited if you chose one of the other orbiters or any city on Trojan or Feynman, to be honest. Prices here are very steady and do not fluctuate as much as other stockmarkets in the system so profit may run at a marginal rate and could possibly be hard to attain on Morgue's Mortuary, compared to elsewhere of course.

If you have credits to waste then you might just find a visit to Morgue's Mortuary an equal waste of time... or you might find your fortune! Only you will know once you arrive here.


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