E.C.P.D. Eta Cassiopeia Police Department

Chief Mulligan Captain Conner Lieutenant Debrowski


Crime - We Can Crack It!

Eta Cassiopeia may not have the best known Police Department in the universe but it sure has the most dedicated professionals applying themselves to their job of catching criminals. Over 400 arrests have been made so far this year and +60 of those were immediate prison sentence offences. Crime figures were on the increase last year and have been steadily rising but the new measures put in place to try and crack down on criminal activity have proved to be very effective.

Figures for this year show smuggling is down by 9% and attempts to bribe customs officials has been virtually eradicated. Dumping cargo in space accounts for 4% of all crime and is slowly decreasing. The most frequently broken law is still launching without clearence, but there's no surprises there.

Eta Cassiopeia is certainly a safer place to be since the officers below took charge. Introducing the heads of the E.C.P.D. - Chief Mulligan, Captain Conner and Lieutenant Debrowski.



Chief Jack Mulligan

Police Chief Jack 'Hammer' Mulligan stops at nothing to see that justice is done. Unfortunately, his idea of justice is not always totally in line with everybody elses. Or even the law's definition of justice, for that matter! He is based on Trojan but has overall command of every Police Department in the Eta Cassiopeia system. Often accused of taunting criminals with his "Go ahead... try something!" catch-phrase and notorious for his rough treatment of suspects (and non-suspects), he has had more than his fair share of court appearences... and most were as the defendant! With +20 years on the force he is a seasoned warrior in the Federation's battle against crime & knows every trick in the book, and probably invented a few too! Watch out for Mulligan... he's a real hard case and he won't give you an inch.

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Cpt Josie Conner

Captain Josie 'CC' Conner heads the ground based Police Departments on Feynman. Her career in Law Enforcement has been relatively short but impressive, totalling 123 arrests in her first year as a full Officer. With a cool head & a bit of gut instinct she likes to think she can do the job just as good as any man, (without the violence & with more success) and she is proving just that. She hopes one day to replace Mulligan as Chief in Eta Cassiopeia! No criminal is safe while Captain Conner is in uniform... her dedication is beyond reproach.



Lt Peter Debrowski

Lieutenant Pete 'Marsh' Debrowski is the head of all Space & Relay based Police Departments in Eta Cassiopeia.. This covers Trojan, Feynman, Morgue's Mortuary, J.F.Kennedy & Angus Manwaring Orbital cities. As Orbital lanches give a quicker & more efficient chase it is often Debrowski who catches & eliminates the offender, usually before anybody else can get there! He is veteran pilot and brilliant tactician... but he is a bit of a mood swinger & has been known to be quite difficult with suspects & members of the public. Debrowski is also best mates with Mulligan! Keep your nose clean & stay out of his way!


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