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Last Update: August 9, 2004

The R3 website is still going, despite hurdles and problems recently. Incidentally, the troubles arose from dealing with a certain few dubious Imperialists and their nameless associates. However, it's to be expected whenever you're dealing with Imperials, they always leave you holding the shit end of the stick! Anyway, the current news is:

Last month Phil Raqoon had his last (fingers crossed) operation on 7th July in order to repair an incisional hernia, so he'll be blasting off into the stars as soon as he can get clearence for take-off when he's fit & wel! Good luckl :)

Also, the lollipops in the J.F.Kennedy hotel lobby are most excellent... you gotta try them next time ur there.

Maybe we should have a ship give-away competition judging by the state of some of the piles of shit that come through Eta Cassiopeia? We'll make it a reader poll in the next issue of Trojan Observer. The most deserving unfortunate owner of the worst piece of shit wins... you decide who's shit is the worst piece of worthless shit!

Some areas of the R3 website are not yet completed and construction work is continuing at a reasonable pace. We ask visitors to please stay well clear of any industrial equipment and areas where building work is obviously taking place. Accidents to our citizens and visitors is something we like to avoid in this system.

More news will follow shortly....



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