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NN800 - Navy Missile

The reason why they call it a 'fire and forget' affair is because if you have a NN800 fired at your ship you might as well forget... the rest of your existance! Beyond any doubt, the Federal Navy now has the upper-hand when it comes to missile technology!






General Information

The NN800 is the next generation in intercept missile technology which uses the AGCS (Advanced Guidance Control System) developed by R3 Shipyards exclusively for the Federal Navy. This system uses a process known as discreet identification, so the enemy doesn't even know when his ship has been aquired by the combat computers scan. After a target has been selected and the NN800 has been launched the combat computer then makes use of predictive tracking, a system by which the computer works out the speed and heading of the enemy craft and directs the missile to intercept at a designated point in front of the enemys present location. The missiles two onboard sensors (one in the nose, one in the tail) are constantly receiving information from the combat computer and the AGCS which updates and modifies the flight path of the NN800 around 30 times per second. No ECM or counter-counter measures are able to effect the missile in flight as it operates on ultra-violet frequencies, far above the reach of any jamming equipment. The AGCS perpetually relays any changes in the attitude of the enemy back to the NN800, adjusting it accordingly. This missile does not miss... EVER!

When the NN800 does eventually find its target the force of the explosion is more than 3 times that of a NN500. Further details of warhead/payload are strictly classified.

The propulsion system is a closely guarded secret at the moment due to the fact that it gives this missile an incredible range of almost 2AU and can accelerate at speeds in excess of 60 Earth G!


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