R3 : Eta Cassiopeia Stockmarket Eta Cassiopeia Stockmarket

Goods for Trade
Price (¢)
per tonne
Goods for Trade
Price (¢)
per tonne

Air processors

¢ 188.20
Agricultural Machinery
¢ 90.45

Animal Meat

¢ 90.70
Battle Weapons
¢ 557.40

Computers & Dataware

¢ 509.75
¢ 17.05

Fruit & Vegetables

¢ 78.55
Jewels & Gemstones
¢ 2970.07

Grain & Rice

¢ 28.80
Hand Weapons
¢ 476.00
Heavy Plastics & Synthoils
¢ 38.44
Hydrogen Fuel
¢ 9.80
Industrial Equipment & Parts
¢ 141.70
Liquid Oxygen
¢ 8.89
Non-Organic Meat
¢ 17.70
Luxury Goods
¢ 1318.20
Medical Supplies
¢ 605.50
Metals & Alloys
¢ 30.90
Military Fuel
¢ 6.79
Precious & Rare Metals
¢ 1766.70
Radioactive Waste
¢ 5.95
Robots & Automatons
¢ 911.00
¢ 0.07
Wines, Beers & Spirits
¢ 381.33
Alien Artifacts
¢ 6103.97
¢ 50.00

Non-legal Items *
Animal Furs & Pelts, Livestock, Narcotics, Nerve Gas & Slaves

* Being caught in posession of illegal items carries a mandatory ¢2500 fine!



Select trade goods from the drop-down list in the Stock Items Order Form, then type in your desired quantity. The order form will work out your subtotal and grand total automatically. Please remember to select the "Add Export Tax" box (there should be a tick in it) if you are an individual or company trading outside of Eta Cassiopeia (0,2) who is a not a citizen or member of the Federation - A duty Tax of 8.5% also applies to exporters in this system who are not Federation members. There is also a facility to copy information from the Billing Address to the Delivery Address field of the form to save you time in processing your order. Payment can be made by a number of methods which is fast and easy, saving you time to do other things. You will find that our fully comprehensive ¢redit service is quick and easy. Please note that all tradable items are sold in units of 1 (one) tonne, regardless of size/shape or required cargo space.



Stock Items Order Form

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Method of Payment

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Direct ¢redit Transfer

¢redit Transfer

Stockmarket Vouchers

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Gov't Order


Universal Credit - All Major DataCredit & LoanPay Schemes Recognised : Select the type of credit account you currently hold (if applicable) from the list below. Alternatively, choose one of the payment options from the menu on the left.

Allied Credition
Access Alioth
Imperial Excuse
Sirius Save
FedBank Visa Loans-R-Sol Floyds USB Indispend
Independent Debt
Federal Debit
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BetaCred Hydri Space-Traders Corporate Account Holder
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AuthentiCode : (7 Digit Identification Code)**
Invoice :

Please send an invoice to my Billing Address
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** AuthentiCode : If you have been issued with a Federal Elite (7 digit) code please enter it into the AuthentiCode box - the verified code will enable your order to be processed immediately, without credit checking or 'no outstanding fines' clearance. We can then initiate the loading process, conveniently and automatically, directly into your ships hold or issue immediate clearance for dispatch, on receipt of payment for your order.
Customer Notice :
By pressing either the "Buy Now & Transfer Cargo to Ships Hold" or "Process Order for Delivery" button you are agreeing to abide by the Federal trading laws and regulations. The regulations are set out in full in the policy document, a copy of which is freely available by clicking here : terms & conditions