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Trojan - Eta Cassiopeia (0,2)

Eta Cassiopeia is home to more than 10 Billion Federal citizens and just under half of those citizens live on Trojan. The planet had its own natural ecosystem before it was discovered and inhabited by humans in 2969. Further terraforming and colonization of the rest of the star system during the following two decades saw the Federal Navy move their HQ to Eta Cassiopeia in 2983 and the population grew from an initial few thousand to over 3 Billion by the turn of the millennium.

The reason why Trojan is often referred to as 'the jewel in the Federations crown' is not because the planet has a high yield in precious stones or metals, it is due to the way it shines like a radiant emerald against the dark backdrop of space. Like a natural beacon to steer your ship by, Trojan is a cornucopia of brilliant light and colour which welcomes a large majority of the thousands of visitors and traders each day who journey to Eta Cassiopeia.

Below is a description of Trojans five major cities and starports. This will give you some indication of where you need to look if you are searching for something specific to your requirements.



Nowhere else in Eta Cassiopeia will you find a more interesting place than the capital city of New Kyoto. It has everything you could ever think of in some way or another. Cassiopeian innovation can be seen here at its very best in the "Tropicodome" - an energy shield that can be used to maintain an internal controllable environment. This means that no matter what the climate is outside the shield, you can always depend on more favourable conditions inside. Scientists have proven that the environment has a dramatic effect on those living and working inside Tropicodome. There is less sickness and more general fitness on those dwelling inside the shield than the rest of the city and there is a more noticeable 'feel good' factor amongst the people too. There are plans to adopt the Tropicodome in other areas of the system to further benefit the quality of life in Eta Cassiopeia.

The Cassiopeian Government is based in New Kyoto, although most people would argue that the entire star system is run from Corporate House in Manchester and not the Federal Council Chambers in the heart of the capital city.

New Kyoto can also offer you the best entertainment that the Federation has to offer with weekly shows, plays, festivals and live concerts. Sport also plays a big part in New Kyoto which is home to the truly amazing 'Cassiopeian Cobras Astroball Team' (last years runners up in the Universal Astroball Championship - they lost to Alioth by 12 points in the final). If it's eating out you like then look no further because New Kyoto can more than supply your needs. There's everything from Lavian slugs to imported pickle fish pie from Sirocco Station on the menu and if you are really adventurous you may want to try some Alliance style dishes! If you've ever had an "Indyloo" from one of the Independent systems (and lived to tell the tale) you should be okay to eat anything in the restaurants and diners here. Nightlife is second to none and New Kyoto boasts over 15,000 bars, clubs and taverns. Some are more respectable than others, obviously, but we do warn visitors to stay well clear of areas where there is a constant threat to the public. You can generally tell if you're in a friendly place due to the lack of a gun in your face when you walk through the door. There are quite a few places of interest to visit, such as the Federal Memorial Museum and the new high-tech 'Spaced-Out Theme Park' which is located 6 kilometers from the city center on the other side of the river. The Jameson Stadium is a popular attraction, especially when top bands and artists from all over the known universe perform there. On other occasions it is open to the public for a wide variety of events, including astroball and hover-hockey.

If it's fun and entertainment you're in need of then New Kyoto is the place to be in Eta Cassiopeia.




Soak up as much sunshine as your body can take while you lay on a golden beach leading down to a tranquil turquoise sea. If this sounds like paradise to you then Sunnyville is the place to come to spend your holidays. The temperature fluctuates during the day between 28 - 34 degrees Celsius and is around 18 - 22 Celsius at night so the climate is much like a natural Tropicodome. The last time it rained in Sunnyville was 3 years ago and that only lasted for a few hours. Conditions are ideal for all kinds of holiday fun and you won't get bored with all the activities and entertainment the holiday resorts have on offer... that's if you do not wish to simply crash out on the sun bleached beaches.

Around 8 million visitors make the pilgrimage to Sunnyville each year. Most of these visitors are from Trojan but there is an increasing number of visitors from outside Eta Cassiopeia making the trip too. In recent years, outside bookings accounted for almost 7% of the total amount of pre-booked villas over a two year period. The accommodations you will find in Sunnyville range from small (two people) apartments to villas in the middle of your own stretch of sand! Sunnyville caters for people with varying requirements from all walks of life so you can be assured there is something here that will suit your needs.

For the holiday of a lifetime... Sunnyville awaits you.



Ever wondered where Venice On Land got its name. You wouldn't be the first and certainly will not be the last if you had. The simple answer is, energy lakes. Venice On Land is home to many prison and correctional facilities which deals with many of those who have been processed by the legal system. All prisons and most correctional facilities are situated well outside the city in areas nicknamed 'Lakelands'. These are called this because of the lake of energy which surrounds the prisons to stop the detainees from escaping. So, even though there is no water there is still a barrier (the energy lakes) which cannot be crossed even if a boat was available... because anything that comes into contact with the lake is fried instantly. These facilities are guarded by state-of-the-art hardware in the form of pulse cannons and 'chaser' missiles and as if that wasn't enough, there is a full squadron of Viper 2 attack ships on permanent standby to stop any abduction attempts on inmates! There is also a 3 kilometer no-fly zone around all prison and correctional facilities. Failure to comply with this rule can be seriously detrimental to the health of your ship.

This is city that houses Eta Cassiopeias high courts and legal eagles. All Cassiopeian legal disputes and court trials are usually held somewhere in Venice On Land, if not they are referred to the Federal High Court in Sol (0,0) which is usually only reserved for political or more sensitive cases. There are more lawyers and legal advisors per square mile here than the rest of the system put together! The 49 courts are served by 183 judges, who themselves are held in the highest esteem by the Cassiopeian public. Police headquarters are situated here and Police Chief Jack 'Hammer' Mulligan can often be seen patrolling the skies in his Viper 2 or walking around the starport in search of criminals, more so than anywhere else in the system.

You have to be careful if you think you can smuggle anything into Venice On Land. The starport customs officers are more vigilant here than anywhere else in the system due to the presence of the prisons in the surrounding areas of the city. Many foolhardy Commanders have been stumped by trying to outsmart the intelligence of Venice On Land customs and landed themselves a big fine or, in some cases, a spell in the cell!

If you are coming to Venice On Land make sure it's LEGAL business only!



Manchester, Trojan, Eta Cassiopeia - the words are so familiar to those of you who are traders as this is the city where corporate strength is unequaled. Manchester houses many of the Federations most affluent and best known corporations, not to mention our very own R3 Corporation, and is the center of all major trade and finance deals going on in Eta Cassiopeia. Deals can be lost and found, contracts can be won and broken, a fortune is there to be made by the right man... and lost by the wrong man. It's there for the taking... if you have a keen eye and good mind for business.

There is a multitude of markets and warehouses in Manchester dealing in everything (and more) that a trader could wish for. The black-market has a strong presence here due to the increased flow of people and cargo in the city. Smuggling is rife but there is a sufficient number of police and customs officials who can handle any situations they encounter. As always, you take your chances and hope for the best but Manchester is not as strict as Venice On Land.

The R3 building is located approximately 2 kilometers north of the Manchester Stockmarket. This is where all the important corporate decisions pertaining to our business are discussed and agreed on, usually by the C.E.O and board of executive directors. If you wish to take a tour of the R3 building you can submit a request via our contact link on the left menu. Tours are carried out on a daily basis starting from 9:30 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon and usually take around two hours.

Trading is a nonstop affair as markets do not close, EVER! Whatever the time of day or items you have to trade there is always a deal waiting for you in Manchester!



Epping Newtown is the backbone of industry in the Eta Cassiopeia star system. Everything that can be made, is made here in this 'Mechtropolis' of a city. Most (if not all) of the resident corporations have plants and installations here.

If you didn't come to Epping Newtown to deliver a shipment of industrial parts or metal alloys then you'll soon be wondering why you docked here. There's is basically nothing in the way of entertainment or interest to the visitor, other than the bars and clubs which are generally frequented by locals. You may get the odd good deal on the stockmarket but prices tend to stick more here than in Manchester or New Kyoto.

Most of the Federal Navy ships are serviced from parts that are made in Epping Newtown, as are most other ships in the system. The whole city is geared up for meeting production/manufacturing demands in Eta Cassiopeia and has no problems fulfilling that task.


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